Ningbo Actape Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1997, the company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various advanced adhesive tapes. Annual production of various tapes 800,000 M2. Company pays attention to details and process Management, excellence, and gradually formed a series of products of their own.
At present, the stronger products are: Ningbo tape, Ningbo foam tape, Ningbo VHB tape, Ningbo strong double-sided tape, Ningbo 3M glue, Ning waveguide thermal tape, Ningbo protective film, comprehensive research tape, magnet tape, battery tape, LED tape, foam tape series, VHB acrylic tape, high-strength double-sided tape, film tape, Glass fiber tape, protective film tape, high temperature masking tape, security anti-counterfeit tape, copper foil aluminum foil tape, single-sided sponge tape, conductive and heat-conductive flame retardant tape, Seal waterproof tape, wear-resistant lubrication tape, etc. And new product development and die cutting of various adhesive products.